Most parents want their children to be a good public speakers. And why not?  Public speaking adds a lot to the overall development of the child. For example:

    • Public speaking significantly boosts the feelings of self-worth in a child. 
    • It increases his/her confidence. 
    • A child who is comfortable speaking in public is more comfortable around people. 
    • It teaches them to better read/perceive people, their behavior, and their reaction to what is being said. Helps them better adapt socially.

Yet it is one of the most feared forms of communication. A few signs that your child may be in need of your help are:

    • Introverted or reserved behavior
    • Shy to converse with new people
    • Ready to learn new ways of communicating but apprehensive from within
    • Anxious to face stage performances or public talks
    • Uncomfortable with how people will judge their speaking abilities

A few things that were effective in helping children to be impactful speakers:

    • Cultivate the habit of reading to grow knowledge and vocabulary.
    • Encourage writing habits.
    • Empathize with the child and acknowledge their fears. Break the fear of the audience as well as the mistakes.
    • Teach the art of storytelling. Speak with clarity.
    • Praise the child when they engage actively.

With a little help, children might think of public speaking as a joy rather than fear. The sooner they are exposed to it, the easier it is for children to overcome its fear. It is a crucial Life Skill. Improves the Power of Persuasion. Kids who speak confidently perform better in life. Help your child transform their self-confidence, eliminate stage fright, leadership skills, and speak fearlessly.

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