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If you are going through any emotional upheavals, or just wish to work & improve your Emotional Intelligence, with our EQ Counsellor one-on-one. We’re here to help you become the best version of yourself: a happy, fulfilled person who understands what is sometimes not easy to understand. 

During this Counselling session, you can ask your questions and seek advice from our EQ Counsellors.

Parent Counselling

A child’s world is fascinating and more logical than we think… and it is multidimensional… and when things go fast – like today’s children – you have to know how to act and react… to create a harmonious space both internally and externally, to know how to create a beautiful united family that goes well. Can this be learned, if we did not have the best parents? Yes, it can be learned… we are happy to help you… we know what it is to be parents… we have been through it and in a profound way… don’t be embarrassed to ask for help as a parent… new children are supersonic cars and we need inner keys to understand them, that’s for sure!

If you are the parent of a child, you can take a counselling session to know and seek help in dealing with and raising your child in an Emotionally Intelligent way. Our EQ Counsellor will help you to help your child in the best manner possible.

“During these consultations and courses, a relationship of trust, sharing and discussion helps to open up a capacity to understand things in depth. These consultations can be arranged for occasional or regular follow-up, for example, weekly or monthly. 

Know Your Counsellor

Mohit Chaurasia has a vast amount of experience in the field. Mohit is the Founder of myEQ, India’s only company offering courses for developing Emotional Intelligence in Children thereby paving way for Developing Leadership at a young age. He has vast and diverse experience in the field of law, sales and human behaviour. He lives in Goa with his 2 teenage children who are currently training under the Khelo India State Centre of Excellence at Panji Facility for Badminton discipline. His own journey of raising his children using the Plus-Minus code as the base has helped the right growth and Inspired by the same, brought in India the exclusive franchisee for the course, which is unique of its kind.

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