A Leader is not Intelligent, but Emotionally Intelligent

Building leadership in children is essential in today’s dynamic and ever-changing world especially in view of growing behavioral issues in children. Negative emotions like anger, aggression, rebel, stubbornness, bad food choices, comparison, low self-esteem, hyperactivity, addiction are posing serious mental health and social problems. Parents should take these symptoms seriously for the overall well-being and future of their kids.

Building EQ in children is one sure way to transform negative emotions into positive emotions, which is critical for developing leadership qualities.Negative emotions are like clouds that affect that judgment faculty of a person thereby hindering their multi-dimensional view of things or situations. If a child develops anger habits at an early age, if unattended, there will come a time when “Anger will have the person instead of a person having Anger”

That’s what happens when we ignore the importance of basic management of one’s key emotions to train ourselves for bigger leadership roles. The world needs more leaders than ever before. As parents, we must do everything to nurture our children to the right path that leads to the right destination.Wishing every parent a great joy while nurturing their little self- apple of their eyes, to bring the best in them!!


Why Leadership In Children?

Because Leadership is not an incident or an event! It’s a process. It’s a culmination of much positive emotion coming together to guide a person to perform in a high demanding leadership role. 

Early training of such positive traits or habits will set our children on the right path of learning Positive leadership. 

A Simple E-Book for Child Leadership with EQ

This short & crisp e-book will help parents identify, understand and correct negative behaviors in children, which are usually ignored under the pretext of being ‘normal’. What your child will become is the culmination of his years of thoughts, emotions, feelings, and actions taken over 5, 10, or 15 years. For example, a child who is addicted to playing violent video games nourishes the memories of anger, aggression, violence, brutality, and other negative behaviors. These disorders affect greatly a Child’s capacity to profoundly express themselves and impact decision-making abilities, key traits to become a good leader. So let’s help our children to become great leaders by developing their Emotional Intelligence.

Why EQ required for Leadership?

EQ is the capacity to perceive and understand beyond the form and respond with sensitivity toward everything that occurs in life – incidents, events, situations, people, objects, animals, or plants. A profound understanding of these elements in all its dimension helps in performing well in any leadership role, along with success in one’s individual, relational, and family life as well.

Can Leadership Be Nurtured?

YES, IT CAN BE NURTURED. Leadership is a Quality that can be learned and applied in real life. Just like one can learn educational subjects and new skills, one can consciously work on developing Leadership by enhancing EQ. Whenever a child looks at any person, object, or situation, his or her way of the evaluation is coded with the feelings and emotions recorded within the Child during their experiences.

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myEQ vision is to develop Leadership in young minds (Age 7 years +) with the help of Emotional Intelligence (EQ). In collaboration with the SCT Foundation, Switzerland, myEQ offers the unique +|- Code Program to re-codify EQ and the Dreamer One Training, advanced training to understand consciousness with Symbolic language.

Build Child Leadership with EQ Programs 

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You enroll with us for any season of the Child Leadership Program. You get access to the Online Plus Minus code program which consists of 26 Episodes of pre-recorded Videos with Over 400+ images and 26 EQ tests. The program comes in two formats- One is Do It Yourself (DIY) where Parents can help children by following basic and simple steps. Second, the Online Counsellor model where our expert Counsellor takes 15 Live interactive classes to explain the Program in insightful ways to Integrate EQ learning which is at the essence of learning Leadership Qualities.


myEQ brings India’s First and most comprehensive Leadership program based on Emotional Intelligence. The program helps integrate Positive Emotional Intelligence and work to transform Negative Emotional behaviors and feeling that blocks children’s full potential.


We’ve seen that more and more children are becoming brilliant in their minds but as they grow, they repress their emotions which make them fragile and temperamental.

Happiness, peace of mind, connecting with others, ability to communicate, calm behavior, listening ability, patience are some of the attributes of EQ and these are the aspects that matter most in Leadership.

There is no doubt that IQ is an Important block in a child’s journey but without EQ, a whole dimension is missing in the child. A laugh is not equivalent to happiness.


A child who has anger issues, won’t have long-term relationships.
A child who is aggressive will develop a more hostile ambiance.
A child with low self-esteem will always doubt his/her abilities.
A child with a complex of superiority/inferiority won’t be balanced.
A lack of sensitivity in the child will lack empathy.
A Child who eats unhealthily will not have good health.

Similarly, a host of other negative emotions will eventually lead to imbalance and a complex personality that isn’t suited for Good Leadership. Great Leaders have to conquer their negative EQ in order to rise and evolve to become the greatest leaders we have seen in history.

With the rise of OTT, TV channels, YouTube, Internet, there is a pressing need to put our children on the right path. The path of self-development, self-regulation, the path of learning leadership via Emotional Intelligence.


Vision, ability to think beyond the instant, decision making, focus, relationship, communication, public speaking, humour, presentability, calm composure, are some of the positive eq traits that’s transforms a normal person into an extraordinary leader.

A positive eq is a key to achieving these positive behaviours. Codifying our children with these nuanced behaviours will create a path for the right leadership.

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