“Fear of Judgment”.

Duniya ka Sabse Bada rog kya kahenge Log – This adage goes hand in hand with the Fear of Rejection/Judgement…

Most people live their life to impress others or do things or don’t do things based on what people would think of them.  The need to impress or to avoid the controversy or pressure of being criticised makes most people succumb to adhering to a stereotype or become part of the crowd, just to avoid being judged.

People want to fit into social norms only because of fear of being judged.

The fear of Judgement can limit our ability to manifest and materialize and in many ways makes us handicap because we live in the fear of What If, and But, which imprisons us in our own thoughts and emotions. This fear can start very subtly and if not addressed can multiply and make you feel ashamed, demeaned, criticized, isolated, and misunderstood, leading to mental health problems. Many young adults going through mental health issues today named one of the underlying causes as being judged or discriminated against. So yes, it is something we need to address within ourselves so as to learn to overcome this fear.

The most essential thing is to never allow the world to steal your pursuit of higher goals & mission…Let me share a story…

Once there was a young monkey who fell into a well. It was normally difficult to come out. All other monkeys surrounded the well, knowing well that it’s impossible, they dissuaded or discouraged the monkey in the well, to not even try. The more they all discouraged him, the more that little monkey made efforts. Eventually, by persevering and his never giving up attitude worked, he came up. When he came up, all the other monkeys were very surprised and asked him what made him continue. The little monkey smiled as if he actually didn’t hear any of the negative talks and said” I thank you all for encouraging me throughout my time making efforts and I could not have done it without your support” It took no time for the other monkeys to realise that this little monkey was deaf and he couldn’t hear down there and thought they all were encouraging him whereas they were discouraging him.

The moral of the story: – Sometimes we should act just like this little monkey. Pretend to be deaf, but persevere, never give up and remember that when people mock you or discourage you, make this your strength and make more efforts, focus on what you want to do and one day you will prove them wrong. With the right intentions, efforts, and attitude, you can change the world, your world.

“Know your own limitations and your strengths because when you do, what others say doesn’t affect you.”

Don’t let others’ opinions define you, or don’t look for approval outside of yourself. Self-evaluate and know yourself better.

Don’t compare yourself and focus on how you can improve and set your personal goals. And, if you don’t succeed, keep trying, don’t give up. And, always remember when people judge they speak about themselves, it is never about you.

So remember never judge yourself or others too, because it starts with you.

You cannot change how others think, feel and do things but you can change yourself. 

Every day before you go to bed, contemplate on the plus and minus of the day,  to be aware of what you can change in yourself to transform the minus into a plus. Reflect deeply and apply your findings to yourself and you will see a difference in how you think, feel, behave, react to a given situation and it will become better with time. This is a simple yet powerful tool that is key to human evolution.

Conclusion:- So you can well measure how one behaviour is linked to so many things and yes it might seem complicated but as we go deeper in the human subconscious/unconscious mind we see that each and every distortion or weakness that we have is linked to another area of improvement and it takes a systematic approach to understand and strengthen these areas that impact all areas of our lives without us truly understanding. So it is important to develop our Emotional Intelligence and gradually work on re-coding and re-building these foundation blocks within us.

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