You may have heard from your child, “I need it now”? Impatient, and in a rush all the time?

In the age of instant coffee and instant noodles, it is a challenge to teach patience…Impatience has become a very common behavior in children and reflects low Emotional Intelligence (EQ). They are not ready to wait!

There could be many factors behind this 

  • Technological advancements like pizza delivery in 30 min; 
  • Instant-gratification, and 
  • Sometimes lack trust in the parents due to broken promises in the past

Children don’t want to wait! 

Impatience can indicate a lack of balance, calmness, anxiety, and a constant state of stress in the child.

Help your child to understand the value of time and especially with the example of mother nature. Everything in nature can teach Patience. Increase their social interaction, and don’t be in a rush to meet every demand of theirs. Developing your child is a delicate and time-consuming task and will not happen overnight. 

As a parent, you need to work patiently on the impatience of your child.


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