Do we think or feel we are less important, skilled, or carry a notion of inferiority complex within ourselves? How would you describe your personal value or self-worth? How much do you like and/or appreciate yourself? And, what is your belief system/self-appraisal with regards to your own appearance, emotions, behaviours or beliefs?

All the above answers go on to define our Self Esteem and if it is mostly positive that’s amazing keep doing what you do but if your answers are negative then that is detrimental to your self-esteem. And, this is also the primary cause for fear of Rejection…you see how it is all linked? Self-esteem is one of the most important factors that help us determine our place in Group Behaviours Dynamics, the Social Dimension of Public Speaking.

In the dimension of Public Speaking, can we overcome this or build positive self-esteem or address the causes of low self-esteem? Yes, we can. The problems in itself have the solutions that can help us develop high self-esteem and power us from within.

Self Talk / Mirror Talk– Negative self-talk will result in a negative downward spiral whereas positive self-talk will result in a positive upward spiral. Change your inner language about yourself. Start working slowly and gradually to uplift yourself and avoid derogatory self-talk with self-destructive behaviours. One of the good ways is Mirror Talk. It helps a lot. You can stand in front of the mirror and encourage, compliment, and encourage yourself positively.

Comparison – Work to excel in what you do or what you wish to improve. The only comparison should be with yourself, from your last to your next… So if you want to compare, compare yourself with YOU so that you can map your progress and continue working to improve. Read books, listen to more positive content, be your own counsellor. Make a SMART GOAL. Which is S-SPECIFICM-MEASURABLE, A-ATTAINABLE, R-RELEVANT, and T-TIME BASED with G-GRATITUDEO-OPTIMISMA-ATTITUDE, and a zest for L-LEARNING.

Missing Goals/Purpose/Dream: Keep looking at what inspires you or what helps you elevate. Start with what you love and eventually you will find something that will become your dream/mission or purpose. That alone will drive you to be an expert at Group Dynamics. And using the SMART GOAL approach when fueled by the love for what you do will prepare you for success.

Presentability – There are many factors to presentability which we will discuss. When you do not present yourself well, then you unconsciously lower your self-esteem and self-confidence. These following aspects are very essential to our self-esteem and self-confidence health.

  • Dress well to the occasion
  • Maintain hygiene,
  • work on your language and communication,
  • Body language,
  • Sense of humour,
  • Smile more,
  • Eye contact,
  • Stay updated on the events and news.


These aspects take time to observe and recode in us. I know it looks simple, but trust me, it is very powerful and impactful. If you persevere and put efforts, slowly but steadily you will start to reap the benefits of this change in yourself. These steps will definitely improve your self-esteem and gear you towards achieving your dreams. Every good thing takes time and you can’t hurry it so set your Vision on the Mission and Let your self-esteem ride you to your full potential.

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