Ethics and Morality may sound like too philosophical topics for a child to learn. But it is very important to start teaching moral values at an early age so that it becomes the core foundation of their beliefs and their character. A child with good moral values such as honesty, truthfulness, kindness, humility is an asset for their life. 
It is the key to building good relationships and can eliminate problems like dishonesty, cheating, violence, jealousy, etc.  
You can help your child develop a moral code by discussing ethical dilemmas and red-line behaviors. The child should know what is not permitted at all and what can be done with the consent of parents. Talking about these moral behaviors during an informal discussion in the family will help cement these principles in the subconscious memories of the child. 
Consistently offer guidance and correct the child by teaching the consequences. This will help children understand what is Right and Wrong which is the fundamental principle to develop Emotional Intelligence (EQ).

Author: Mohit Chaurasia

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