Fear Of Judgement
Fear Of Judgement

Most people live their life to impress others or do things or don’t do things based on what people would think of them. The need to impress or to avoid the controversy or pressure of being criticised makes most people succumb to adhering to a stereotype or become part of the crowd, just to avoid being judged.

How to Improve Self Esteem?
Self Esteem

Do we think or feel we are less important, skilled, or carry a notion of inferiority complex within ourselves? How would you describe your personal value or self-worth? How much do you like and/or appreciate yourself? And, what is your belief system/self-appraisal with regards to your own appearance, emotions, behaviours or beliefs?

Memories - myEQ
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Memories represent incidents, events, episodes or situations that had happened in the past. These memories get stored in our conscious & subconscious minds. They can be in our instant past or as distant as our childhood. Memories that got stored in us during our growing up years or childhood hold significant importance in our behaviours and in the way we make decisions or shape our lives.

myEQ - Group Dynamic Behaviour
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Group Behaviour Dynamics

Have you ever wondered why our behaviour changes when we are Interacting in Group Dynamics or Social Structures or in the company of unknown people? Increased discomfort, anxiety, fear, shyness, etc are some of the negative emotional reactions that come to surface when we enter into group dynamics.